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The Influence of Diaspora on Contemporary American Diplomacy

Published:2018-06-14 Published:2018-06-14   Author:Long Dexin   [Small] [Middle] [Big] [More]

American diaspora diplomacy refers to one or a series of clear and systematic policy plans aimed at improving the effectiveness of development assistance and public diplomacy by means of the resources of diaspora and their economic, social and cultural relations with the homeland. America has not yet established a highly formal approach to these policy plans, but diaspora diplomacy has been conducted mainly through institutionalized global public—private partnerships. Through the Global Diaspora Forum, the African Diaspora Market, and the International Diaspora Engagement Alliance, American diaspora diplomacy exhibits different characteristics from the traditional diplomacy in terms of environment, actors and mechanisms. American diaspora diplomacy has for the first time institutionally incorporated diaspora into its diplomatic system.

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