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Some Thoughts on New Frontiers of International Relations in China

Published:2018-06-14 Published:2018-06-14   Author:Jia Zifang   [Small] [Middle] [Big] [More]

China's study of new frontiers of international relations still has some problems in the aerospace, marine, polar and network fields. In other words, the use of research materials is still not solid and accurate enough, and it is relatively in lack of research framework that links different disciplines. Researchers should select timely and authoritative materials, apply the theory, methodology, and research experiences of international relations to the new frontier domain, and put forward and interpret research subjects accordingly. Specifically, in the marine research field, researchers should make need- and ability-based updates of the concept of marine power, and formulate more efficient and feasible strategies and countermeasures; in the polar research field, in addition to the research on polar cooperation and global governance, researchers should pay attention to the emerging problems due to new technology development; in the aerospace field, due to the advancement of satellite technology and application of new technology, it is worthwhile to study state capacity and strategic posture; in the network research field, research should be conducted on the role and influence of network technology on non-state actors.

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