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The Employment of the U.S. and European Military forces in the Libyan Campaign

Published:2014-06-14 Published:2014-06-14   Author: Li Chen   [Small] [Middle] [Big] [More]

In 2011, the US and some European countries such as the UK and France used military forces to intervene in the Libyan civil war. On the strategic level, the Libyan campaign demonstrated that in spite of the financial crisis, developed countries in North America and Europe still enjoyed military superiority, and their military strategy remained outward looking. Thus these countries were prepared to use military power to shape global and regional affairs. On the operational level, the Libyan campaign witnessed not only the Western alliance’s flexible responses and adaptation ability, but also unprecedented division of labor between the U.S. and its major allies. In terms of joint operations, the U.S. and European naval and air forces achieved further integration during the Libyan campaign. The Libyan campaign has offered a few lessons for China in terms of its Middle East policy, Asia-Pacific strategy, as well as military modernization.

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