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China and the Liberal International Norms: A Rationalist Assessment

Published:2014-06-14 Published:2014-06-14   Author: Song Wei   [Small] [Middle] [Big] [More]

The Postwar international order has been established and maintained on the foundation of liberal international norms, and in general the core principles and spirits of liberalism manifest themselves in the principal ideals and decision-making procedures of the existing international order. Liberal international norms call for an open international economic and political order and embody a high degree of inclusiveness and non-zero-sum logic. Both the rising power and the existing dominant power can benefit from such an international order. China holds an ideology different from that of the West and is in need of an even more open international order. After having embarked on reform and opening up, China as a rising power generally holds a relatively advantageous position under both the international economic order and the international political order. Therefore, China should capitalize on the existing order to advance domestic reform and development and continue to integrate itself into the existing international order instead of challenging it.

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