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Proactively Develop the China-U.S. New Model of Major-Country Relations

Published:2014-06-14 Published:2014-06-14   Author:Jia Qingguo   [Small] [Middle] [Big] [More]

Developing a new model of major-country relations between China and the U.S. is not only possible in the light of history, but also necessary in terms of the national interests of the two countries. However, because the chance of conflict between a rising power and an existing dominant power is quite high, the future of the relationship remains uncertain. Therefore, China and the U.S. should waste no time to take necessary steps to develop a new model of major-country relations. Specifically, the two countries should give priority to cooperation in the following five areas: economic relations, military exchange, cyber-security, the North Korean nuclear issue, and climate change.

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